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November 16, 2013
Week 3 Power Rankings

At some point, the Indiana Pacers will lose a game. But with their good coach (Frank Vogel), dominant wing player (Paul George) and imposing paint presence (Roy Hibbert) the Pacers will be hard to beat, making a Miami-Indiana playoffs rematch seems inevitable.

The Western Conference is stacked. The Spurs aren't going away and the Clippers, Warriors and Thunder are formidable.

For now, the Pacers remain No. 1. Until someone beats Indiana, that won't be a debate.

1. Indiana Pacers (9-0, Last week No. 1): Roy Hibbert is making an early case as to why he could be this season's Defensive Player of the Year.
2. San Antonio Spurs (9-1, LW 2): Nothing flashy here. The Spurs just keep piling up wins.
3. Miami Heat (6-3, LW 3): For second consecutive season, defense is an early-season concern.
4. Los Angeles Clippers (6-3, LW 7): If the entire roster matches the intensity of Chris Paul, this team is tough to beat.
5. Golden State Warriors (6-3, LW 5): There aren't many starting lineups more complete than Golden State's.
6. Portland Trail Blazers (7-2, LW 11): Five-game winning streak led by the stellar play of LaMarcus Aldridge.
7. Oklahoma City Thunder (5-3, LW 4): The Clippers-Warriors back-to-back set ended with two losses, including a loss at the buzzer in Oakland.
8. Houston Rockets (6-4, LW 6): Is it really a surprise Omer Asik wants out of Houston? Solid rebounder relegated to watching Dwight Howard.
9. Minnesota Timberwolves (6-4, LW 8): Ricky Rubio is orchestrating a high-scoring offense under Rick Adelman.
10. Chicago Bulls (4-3, LW 13): Entered the weekend on a three-game winning streak.
11. Dallas Mavericks (5-4, LW 12): Shawn Marion is still productive, leading the Mavs in rebounding.
12. Memphis Grizzlies (4-5, LW 10): Mike Conley continues to be a steady presence (19.1 points, 5.4 assists) without the fanfare.
13. Philadelphia 76ers (5-5, LW 14): Rookie Michael Carter-Williams missed time with bruised left foot arch.
14. Phoenix Suns: (5-4, LW 15): Eric Bledsoe is proving he can be a productive starter this season.
15. Charlotte Bobcats: (5-4, LW 21): Defense is keeping the Bobcats in games as the offense tries to catch up.
16. Atlanta Hawks (5-4, LW 23): Jeff Teague is playing point guard at a high level.
17. Orlando Magic (4-5, LW 17): Still the winners of last year's four-team deal involving Howard.
18. Brooklyn Nets: (3-5, LW 9): Managed an overtime win at Phoenix, but still a lot of work to be done to live up to expectations.
19. New York Knicks (3-5, LW 16): Andrea Bargnani has shown he can be more than a perimeter shooter.
20. Denver Nuggets (4-4, LW 29): Winners of three in a row as Brian Shaw adjusts as head coach.
21. Los Angeles Lakers (4-7, LW 18): Mike D'Antoni continues to tinker with lineups but Jordan Hill might have found a spot at power forward.
22. Boston Celtics (4-6 LW 26): This is Jeff Green's team for now as he leads a collection of young players.
23. Toronto Raptors (4-6, LW 27): Rudy Gay leads the Raptors in scoring, steals and blocks.
24. Detroit Pistons (3-5, LW 24): Andre Drummond is proving to be a rebounding force early in the season.
25. Washington Wizards (2-6, LW 19): A three-game losing streak and speculation of changes that need to be made starts again.
26. Milwaukee Bucks (2-6, LW 20): Losing Larry Sanders to an injury from a bar fight hurt the Bucks defensively.
27. New Orleans Pelicans (3-6, LW 22): Anthony Davis looks like an All-Star, but Pelicans have lost their last three.
28. Cleveland Cavaliers (3-7, LW 25): Tristan Thompson has been solid, but Cavs are still struggling.
29. Sacramento Kings (2-6, LW 28): Still searching from consistent offense from everyone other than DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas.
30. Utah Jazz (1-9, LW 30): Jazz have league-worst average point differential of minus-11.3.

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