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November 30, 2013
Week 5 power rankings

The Indiana Pacers will be tested over the next five games.

They begin a five-game road trip through the Western Conference Sunday at the Los Angeles Clippers with stops in Portland, Utah, San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

Three of those teams are considered championship contenders while Portland has been one of the biggest surprises of the season.

Utah has struggled all season, but for a team on a long road trip, that won't be an easy game.

November 23, 2013
Week 4 Power Rankings

Yes, the Pacers finally lost a game. But they still hold on to the top spot for this week.

It wasn't an easy call to knock Indiana Pacers from the top spot, even though they suffered their first loss of the season.

But it's also impossible to ignore the San Antonio Spurs, who are on a nine-game winning streak and have knocked off the likes of Golden State and Memphis along the way.

Tony Parker and Co. continue to play team basketball on both ends of the court without the fanfare.

(All records and stats are through Friday).
1. San Antonio Spurs (11-1, Last week 2): Still the best team in the West, even if you find them boring.
2. Indiana Pacers (11-1, LW No. 1): Suffered their first loss of the season, but rebounded by Paul George's solid play.
3. Miami Heat (9-3, LW 3): LeBron James has been brilliant while Dwyane Wde takes time to rest his knees.
4. Portland Trail Blazers (11-2, LW 6): Are the Blazers really this good? They're on a nine-game winning streak.
5. Oklahoma City Thunder (8-3, LW 7): The Clippers-Warriors back-to-back set ended with two losses, including a loss at the buzzer in Oakland.
6. Los Angeles Clippers (8-5, LW 4): If the entire roster matches the intensity of Chris Paul, this team is tough to beat.
7. Golden State Warriors (6-3, LW 5): Injuries are piling up for a team that has questions about its depth.
8. Dallas Mavericks (9-4, LW 11): Winners of four in a row, including a big rally against Houston.
9. Houston Rockets (8-5, LW 8): One of the most fun teams to watch on offense, but not exactly a defensive force.
10. Minnesota Timberwolves (8-6, LW 9): Kevin Love's play reminds us all what T-Wolves lost with his injuries last season.
11. Memphis Grizzlies (7-6, LW 12): Marc Gasol's knee injury puts a lot of pressure on Mike Conley and Zach Randolph.
12. Atlanta Hawks (8-5, LW 16): Hawks are a balanced team that shares the ball well, plays hard on defense.
13. Chicago Bulls (6-5, LW 10): Another Derrick Rose knee injury ends any hopes of winning the East.
14. Phoenix Suns: (6-6, LW 14): Holding it together while Eric Bledsoe recovers from a shin bruise.
15. Philadelphia 76ers (6-8, LW 13): Spencer Hawes continues to play well at center.
16. Charlotte Bobcats: (6-7, LW 15): Bobcats are the worst scoring team in the league but fourth in points allowed.
17. Los Angeles Lakers (6-7, LW 21): Surviving on scrappy play and team ball as Kobe Bryant works his way back form injury.
18. New Orleans Pelicans (6-6, LW 27): Ryan Anderson's return has contributed to three consecutive wins.
19. Denver Nuggets (5-6, LW 20): J.J. Hickson has been a consistent rebounder for the Nuggets.
20. Toronto Raptors (6-7, LW 23): Could eventually benefit from Brooklyn's struggles and surprise the Atlantic Division.
21. Orlando Magic (4-7, LW 17): Holding on to the eighth spot in a weak Eastern Conference.
22. Sacramento Kings (4-7, LW 29): Won consecutive games for the first time this season.
23. New York Knicks (3-8, LW 19): Carmelo Anthony is doing all he can and it's not enough.
24. Detroit Pistons (4-8, LW 24): Could Andre Drummond eventually make Greg Monroe expendable?
25. Washington Wizards (4-8, LW 25): At some point the talent has to turn into a possible playoff team.
26. Cleveland Cavaliers (4-9, LW 28): Four of the Cavs' top-5 scorers are guards. Tristan Thompson is the only big scoring for Cleveland.
27. Brooklyn Nets: (3-9, LW 18): Nets have been a high-priced disappointment thus far.
28. Boston Celtics (4-10 LW 22): After a brief spell of good play, the Celtics have dropped their last six games.
29. Milwaukee Bucks (2-9, LW 26): Losing streak is up to seven games.
30. Utah Jazz (1-13, LW 30): Trey Burke is back from injury but Jazz are still losing consistently.

November 16, 2013
Week 3 Power Rankings

At some point, the Indiana Pacers will lose a game. But with their good coach (Frank Vogel), dominant wing player (Paul George) and imposing paint presence (Roy Hibbert) the Pacers will be hard to beat, making a Miami-Indiana playoffs rematch seems inevitable.

The Western Conference is stacked. The Spurs aren't going away and the Clippers, Warriors and Thunder are formidable.

For now, the Pacers remain No. 1. Until someone beats Indiana, that won't be a debate.

1. Indiana Pacers (9-0, Last week No. 1): Roy Hibbert is making an early case as to why he could be this season's Defensive Player of the Year.
2. San Antonio Spurs (9-1, LW 2): Nothing flashy here. The Spurs just keep piling up wins.
3. Miami Heat (6-3, LW 3): For second consecutive season, defense is an early-season concern.
4. Los Angeles Clippers (6-3, LW 7): If the entire roster matches the intensity of Chris Paul, this team is tough to beat.
5. Golden State Warriors (6-3, LW 5): There aren't many starting lineups more complete than Golden State's.
6. Portland Trail Blazers (7-2, LW 11): Five-game winning streak led by the stellar play of LaMarcus Aldridge.
7. Oklahoma City Thunder (5-3, LW 4): The Clippers-Warriors back-to-back set ended with two losses, including a loss at the buzzer in Oakland.
8. Houston Rockets (6-4, LW 6): Is it really a surprise Omer Asik wants out of Houston? Solid rebounder relegated to watching Dwight Howard.
9. Minnesota Timberwolves (6-4, LW 8): Ricky Rubio is orchestrating a high-scoring offense under Rick Adelman.
10. Chicago Bulls (4-3, LW 13): Entered the weekend on a three-game winning streak.
11. Dallas Mavericks (5-4, LW 12): Shawn Marion is still productive, leading the Mavs in rebounding.
12. Memphis Grizzlies (4-5, LW 10): Mike Conley continues to be a steady presence (19.1 points, 5.4 assists) without the fanfare.
13. Philadelphia 76ers (5-5, LW 14): Rookie Michael Carter-Williams missed time with bruised left foot arch.
14. Phoenix Suns: (5-4, LW 15): Eric Bledsoe is proving he can be a productive starter this season.
15. Charlotte Bobcats: (5-4, LW 21): Defense is keeping the Bobcats in games as the offense tries to catch up.
16. Atlanta Hawks (5-4, LW 23): Jeff Teague is playing point guard at a high level.
17. Orlando Magic (4-5, LW 17): Still the winners of last year's four-team deal involving Howard.
18. Brooklyn Nets: (3-5, LW 9): Managed an overtime win at Phoenix, but still a lot of work to be done to live up to expectations.
19. New York Knicks (3-5, LW 16): Andrea Bargnani has shown he can be more than a perimeter shooter.
20. Denver Nuggets (4-4, LW 29): Winners of three in a row as Brian Shaw adjusts as head coach.
21. Los Angeles Lakers (4-7, LW 18): Mike D'Antoni continues to tinker with lineups but Jordan Hill might have found a spot at power forward.
22. Boston Celtics (4-6 LW 26): This is Jeff Green's team for now as he leads a collection of young players.
23. Toronto Raptors (4-6, LW 27): Rudy Gay leads the Raptors in scoring, steals and blocks.
24. Detroit Pistons (3-5, LW 24): Andre Drummond is proving to be a rebounding force early in the season.
25. Washington Wizards (2-6, LW 19): A three-game losing streak and speculation of changes that need to be made starts again.
26. Milwaukee Bucks (2-6, LW 20): Losing Larry Sanders to an injury from a bar fight hurt the Bucks defensively.
27. New Orleans Pelicans (3-6, LW 22): Anthony Davis looks like an All-Star, but Pelicans have lost their last three.
28. Cleveland Cavaliers (3-7, LW 25): Tristan Thompson has been solid, but Cavs are still struggling.
29. Sacramento Kings (2-6, LW 28): Still searching from consistent offense from everyone other than DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas.
30. Utah Jazz (1-9, LW 30): Jazz have league-worst average point differential of minus-11.3.

November 2, 2013
Week 1 Power Rankings

This is obviously a very small sample size. But, we've got to have some fun with this right?

So here we go with the rankings for this week now that every team has played two games.

All records and stats are through Friday.

1. San Antonio Spurs (2-0, Last week No. 2): Spurs had enough to beat the Lakers with Tim Duncan sitting out with a chest injury.
2. Indiana Pacers (2-0, LW 3): Paul George is off to a hot start for the defending Central Division Champions.
3. Houston Rockets (2-0, LW 10): Dwight Howard came out looking healthy and ready to dominate.
4. Los Angeles Clippers (2-1, LW 5): Shook off loss to open season with strong showing against Golden State.
5. Brooklyn Nets (1-1, LW 8): He might not be a Celtic anymore, but Paul Pierce still loves to beat Miami.
6. Miami Heat (1-2, LW 1): Two consecutive road losses after the ring ceremony in the home opener.
7. Oklahoma City Thunder (1-1, LW 4): The sooner Russell Westbrook gets back, the sooner OKC is a legit title contender.
8. Memphis Grizzlies: (1-1, LW 7): Already lost to San Antonio, which swept the Grizzlies out the playoffs last season.
9. Minnesota Timberwolvs (2-0, LW 13): A blowout win over OKC and Kevin Love looking good are great early signs.
10. Golden State Warriors (1-1, LW 9): Not having Harrison Barnes at 100 percent will make it tough on the second unit.
11. Chicago Bulls (1-1, LW 6): Derrick Rose opened the season shooting 11 of 38.
12. New York Knicks (1-1, LW 12): Carmelo Anthony had a chance to beat the Bulls at the buzzer but couldn't knock down the jumper.
13. Portland Trail Blazers (1-1, LW14): This still could be one of the surprise teams in the West.
14. Dallas Mavericks: (1-1, LW 17): Monta Ellis is putting up big scoring numbers, but can Dallas defend?
15. Detroit Pistons (1-1, LW 19): Still not healthy in the backcourt, but Greg Monroe has been solid.
16. Cleveland Cavaliers (1-1, LW 20): Cleveland has already gotten more out of Andrew Bynum than some expected.
17. Philadelphia 76ers: (2-0, LW 30): Someone forgot to tell the players they are supposed to be tanking this season for a draft pick.
18. Phoenix Suns (2-0, LW 29): The Suns also didn't get their tank-the-season memo yet.
19. Los Angeles Lakers (1-2, LW 15): Shocked the Clippers only to be humbled in their next two games.
20. Sacramento Kings (1-1, LW 21): DeMarcus Cousins has the look of an All-Star center early.
21. Denver Nuggets (0-2, LW 11): Injuries have seriously hampered Brian Shaw's early head coaching career.
22. Atlanta Hawks (1-1, LW 23): Al Horford has to play well for Hawks to return to the postseason.
23. Charlotte Bobcats: (1-1, LW 26): Kemba Walker looks to take another step as a player and leader in his third season..
24. Toronto Raptors (1-1, LW 24): DeMar DeRozan came out averaging 22 points to start the season.
25. Milwaukee Bucks (1-1, LW 27): Injuries at point guard will force Bucks to rely on rookie Nate Wolters more than planned.
26. Orlando Magic (1-2, LW 28): Arron Afflalo scored 30 points in a win over New Orleans.
27. Utah Jazz (0-2, LW 22): Two close losses to start the season.
28. Washington Wizards (0-2, LW 16): The defense has to get better to prevent another horrible start to the season.
29. Boston Celtics (0-2, LW 24): Struggles are to be expected for first-year coach Brad Stevens.
30. New Orleans Pelicans (0-2, LW 18): Talented bunch that clearly needs time to gel after blowout loss to Orlando.

October 26, 2013
Preseason NBA Power Rankings: It starts in Miami and ends in Philly

Here's my first crack at ranking the 30 NBA teams throughout the season.

And luckily for everyone, my opinion has no bearing on what happens in real life.

1. Miami Heat: Health, a little luck and LeBron James could be enough for a third consecutive NBA Championship.
2. San Antonio Spurs: A run at a title will depend on Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard leading the charge.
3. Indiana Pacers: Pushed the Heat to the limit in the playoffs behind emerging star Paul George.
4. Oklahoma City Thunder: A nod to the greatness of Kevin Durant if he can overcome an unproven bench and no Russell Westbrook to start the season.
5. Los Angeles Clippers: Doc Rivers on the sidelines and improving DeAndre Jordan could lead to a championship.
6. Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose is back and 100 percent healthy to remind us he's a former league MVP.
7. Memphis Grizzlies: Just how big of a loss will Lionel Hollins as coach be this season?
8. Brooklyn Nets: A team built to win now, but will the large financial investment payoff with Jason Kidd at coach?
9. Golden State Warriors: If Harrison Barnes could be your sixth man, that means you have a great starting lineup.
10. Houston Rockets: Dwight Howard joined the squad, but this is still James Harden's team.
11. Denver Nuggets: Will it be possible to duplicate last season's 57 wins without coach George Karl and Andre Iguodala?
12. New York Knicks: Still trying to make a run behind Carmelo Anthony and other high-priced gambles like Andrea Barngani.
13. Minnesota Timberwolves: The signing of Kevin Martin was one of the best moves of the offseason.
14. Portland Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard will only get better, and the bench is better.
15. Los Angeles Lakers: If Pau Gasol regains his form, the Lakers have enough to fight until Kobe Bryant returns.
16. Washington Wizards: Adding Marcin Gortat should be enough to get the Wizards in the postseason if John Wall is healthy.
17. Dallas Mavericks: Monta Ellis will have to be good to take pressure of Dirk Nowitzki to carry the squad.
18. New Orleans Pelicans: If the young talent buys in, this could be one of the surprise and most exciting teams to watch.
19. Detroit Pistons: How the frontcourt of Josh Smith, Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe operates will be worth following.
20. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving is already an All Star, and adding Jarrett Jack will only help him.
21. Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins might be the best center in the NBA by the end of the season.
22. Utah Jazz: Look for Derrick Favors to show why he was so highly thought of out of Georgia Tech in 2010.
23. Atlanta Hawks: Retaining Jeff Teague was smart, but Dennis Schroeder is their point guard of the future.
24. Boston Celtics: Even when Rajon Rondo is healthy it will be a struggle this season.
25. Toronto Raptors: Will Rudy Gay shake the knock of being an overpaid player without All-Star credentials?
26. Charlotte Bobcats: Al Jefferson will help with the lack of post scoring, but there's still a lot of improvement needed.
27. Milwaukee Bucks: Larry Sanders is a nice player to have as part of the foundation, but what else is in place?
28. Orlando Magic: Center Nikola Vucevic was one of the best young players in the NBA last season.
29. Phoenix Suns: It's all about collecting draft picks, shedding big contracts and developing rookie center Alex Len.
30. Philadelphia 76ers: The leaders to have the best chance to draft Andrew Wiggins in 2014.

April 7, 2012
Power Rankings: Here come the Spurs

Often dismissed and having not won a title since 2007, the San Antonio Spurs seem to find a way to win.

That's been the case again this season as the Spurs have won 10 in a row to take over the lead in the Western Conference.

The Spurs have depth and good health -- two things that are a must for teams trying to win a championship.

New additions Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw and Patrick Mills all recently joined the team but figure to play big parts in the playoff push for the Spurs.

If nothing else, the "old" Spurs have made the race in the West interesting instead of allowing Oklahoma City to runaway with the best record in the West.

March 31, 2012
Power Rankings: The Bulls have clinched, the Bobcats have not

The Chicago Bulls have already clinched a playoff berth and still have the best record in the NBA.

The Bulls also had the best record in the NBA last season, but didn't have enough to beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

Derrick Rose is expected to miss his 10th consecutive game with a groin injury tomorrow, but the Bulls continue to win games.

That leads us to the Charlotte Bobcats, who continue to lose games. A lot of games.

The Bobcats have already been eliminated from playoff contention, but that could have been said back in January.

I wonder what Anthony Davis is thinking about the possibility of being a Bobcat.

March 24, 2012
Power Rankings: Trades, buyouts lead to change

It's been a little more than a week since the NBA trade deadline. And buyouts for the likes of Boris Diaw have created an opportunity for teams like San Antonio to add players at a discount.

Ronny Turiaf might help Miami's front court and Derek Fisher should be a positive
influence in Oklahoma City.

The trade that might have the most impact on the playoff race might be the Los Angeles Lakers landing Ramon Sessions, giving the Lakers the creative point guard they've been missing for years.

Even with all the moves, the Chicago Bulls continue to win while their lineup has hurt by injuries.

The Bulls have the NBA's best record and the top spot in the rankings, again.

March 17, 2012
Power Rankings: Bulls keep running without Rose

The Chicago Bulls won't beat the Miami Heat in a playoff series without Derrick Rose.

Beating the Heat will require Rose at his best.

But during the regular season the Bulls have shown they can win without key players on a regular basis and have the best record in the NBA.

Chicago lost Friday night to Portland, but did manage to beat Miami without Rose this week. So for now, with or without Rose, there isn't a team better than the Bulls.

March 10, 2012
Power Rankings: It all makes sense with Bosh

The Miami Heat didn't look like the favorite to win the NBA title after consecutive losses with All Star Chris Bosh out for personal reasons.

Perhaps Bosh will get a little more respect as the oft-dissed member of Miami's Big Three. Without Bosh, the Heat's lack of depth in the post was painfully obvious.

Joel Anthony is a nice guy. Juwan Howard was cool to watch when I was in middle school and he played at Michigan. But relying on them for offense isn't enough for Miami.

With Bosh back, the Heat look like the favorite again. So perhaps he's the MVP of the team?

(Just kidding....)

March 3, 2012
Power Rankings: OKC, Chicago are surging

The Miami Heat are probably still the best team in the NBA. But they fall back a couple of spots thanks to a loss in Utah and the hot play of Oklahoma City and Chicago.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are playing at a superb level for Oklahoma City. The Bulls continue to win at a solid rate, too.

But one thing Miami's loss at Utah did was give LeBron James' critics more reason (fair or unfair) to question his late-game mettle after he passed up a potential game winning shot.

James will have plenty of chances to prove his doubters wrong. Until he does, the questions will persist.

February 25, 2012
Power Rankings: Heat on top at the break

ORLANDO, Fla. -- With three All-Stars here, it shouldn't be a surprise the Miami Heat have been the NBA's best team and look to be the favorites to win the NBA Championship.

LeBron James is playing at an MVP level, and the same could be said for Dwyane Wade. The Heat are aggressive on defense and James appears to have taken his game to another level -- scary for a two-time MVP.

What the second half holds is anyone's guess, but for now, I expect James to bring a championship along to South Beach.

February 18, 2012
Power rankings: It's all about the Heat

LeBron James just had to talk about the idea of playing in Cleveland this week, didn't he?

Anything James says is scrutinized and takes away from (for his many naysayers) from the stellar season he is having.

James is averaging 28 points, 8.1 rebounds and 6.7 assists while shooting a career-high 54.2 percent from the field.

James will be judged by the postseason, but for now, we can enjoy how James has the Miami Heat playing at a high level.

February 12, 2012
Weekly Power Rankings: Flip a coin between Bulls and Heat

I could go either way at the top of this list. The Miami Heat did lose to Orlando this week and the Chicago Bulls have won five in a row.

But based on overall health, I'll keep the Heat on top this week.

Let's just hope this is settled in the Eastern Conference Finals.

February 6, 2012
Power rankings: The East is rising

For years the talk has been about how deep the Western Conference is and the lack of depth in the Eastern Conference.

But this season we've seen Philadelphia and Indiana make strides and possibly start to change that since Miami, Chicago, Boston, Orlando and Atlanta have remained competitive.

It's fun to debate now, but there are a lot of games to be played before we know which conference is best.

January 22, 2012
Weekly Power Rankings: Who needs Derrick Rose?

Here is Week 5 of my very unofficial NBA rankings. I still believe the Knicks and Celtics will turn things around at some point. Same goes for the Mavericks.

When that will happen? I have no idea.

January 15, 2012
NBA Weekly Power Rankings: The Bulls are the best

The Miami Heat are in the midst of their annual losing streak with LeBron James' mental toughness being questioned (again). The Heat will be fine in the long run, but right now no one is playing better than the Chicago Bulls.

Derrick Rose is still playing like an MVP and it looks as if he's not conceding the East to the Heat.

January 1, 2012
Power rankings: Heat on the Rise

The Miami Heat have been impressive. Of course, no one will care unless the Heat can win a championship. But for now, they're dominating the regular season, as expected.

1. Miami Heat (4-0, Last week, 2) - Three road wins, including a blowout of Dallas has the Heat looking good.
2. Oklahoma City Thunder (5-0, LW, 3)- Kevin Durant beats Dallas at the buzzer in an exciting early-season game.
3. Chicago Bulls (3-1, LW 4)- Bulls beat Lakers and Clippers in L.A. in the same week.
4. San Antonio Spurs (3-1, LW 8) - Will back-to-backs be too much on this veteran-laden team.
5. Los Angeles Lakers (3-2, LW 5) - Winners of three in a row got a big boost from the return of center Andrew Bynum (29 points, 13 rebounds) after his four-game suspension
6. Portland Trail Blazers (3-0, LW 11) - Frontcourt of Gerald Wallace, Marcus Camby and LaMarcus Aldridge is among the best in the league..
7. Dallas Mavericks (1-3, LW 1)- Mavs finally picked up a win after an 0-3 start, that included losing to OKC at the buzzer.
8. Memphis Grizzles (1-2, LW 8) - No shame in losing to San Antonio and OKC to start the season.
9. Boston Celtics (1-3, LW 8) - Paul Pierce is back. The wins should follow.
10. Los Angeles Clippers (1-2, LW 9) - Spurs and Bulls reminded Clippers last week they have a way to go before being contenders.
11. New York Knicks (2-2, LW 10) - The road wasn't kind to the Knicks until their stop in Sacramento
12. Orlando Magic (3-1, LW 15) - Oak Ridge High School and Cal product Ryan Anderson has played well.
13. Houston (2-2, LW 12) - Ended the week beating the Spurs and Hawks.
14. Atlanta Hawks (3-1, LW 13) - Joe Johnson rumored to be included in trade offer for Dwight Howard. But would anyone deal for Johnson's big contract?
15. Indiana Pacers (3-1, LW 16) - Big week for Pacers with games at Miami and Boston.
16. Denver Nuggets (2-2, LW 14) - Oh, if Danilo Gallinari makes that lay up, Denver might be 3-1 with a win over the Lakers.
17. Milwaukee Bucks (2-1, LW 17) - Haven't allowed 100 points to start the season.
18. Philadelphia 76ers (2-2, LW 18) - Former King Spencer Hawes has shown some good things on the court this season.
19. Golden State Warriors (2-2, LW 21) - Wins over Chicago and New York that featured good defense have fans in the Bay Area excited.
20. New Orleans Hornets (2-1, LW 26) - Carl Landry has stepped up with Eric Gordon out with a knee injury.
21. Phoenix Suns (1-3, LW 19) - Suns haven't scored 100 points yet this season.
22. Charlotte Bobcats (1-2, LW 24) - Gerald Henderson nearly dealt the Heat their first loss of the season.
23. Utah Jazz (1-3, LW 20) - Took a beating against some of the West's elite teams.
24. Toronto Raptors (1-3, LW 29) -Andrea Bargani played well even though the Raptors lost at Dallas.
25. Detroit Pistons (1-3, LW 28) - Ended week with their first win of the season.
26. Cleveland Cavaliers (1-2, LW 30) - Played Indiana tough before losing in overtime.
27. Sacramento Kings (1-3, LW 22) - Three double-digit losses in a row has team in a funk.
28. New Jersey Nets (1-3, LW 27) -It won't be pretty as long as Brook Lopez is out.
29. Minnesota Timberwolves (0-3, LW 25) - Gave the Heat a good game, and Kevin Love is still very good.
30. Washington Wizards (0-3, LW 23) - Nick Young's new haircut hasn't led to any wins yet.

December 25, 2011
Weekly Power Rankings: The Champs are on top

The NBA has given us the NBA regular season for Christmas.

The quality of basketball might not be up to par with what we're accustomed to, but it beats the lockout, right?

With that I give you the first of my weekly NBA Power Rankings. This is all in fun and debate. And I'm sure many of you will tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about.

This should be fun. Let the 66-game season begin.

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