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July 31, 2008
Sacramento 2020
On Aug. 3, The Conversation will feature urbanist Joel Kotkin's take on which path the Sacramento region's growth should take to give the area the best chance for economic success. Kotkin is critical of what he calls the demonization of suburbs, and he believes regional planners are trying too hard to force residents to live in densely populated neighborhoods. Other commenters will include regional planner Mike McKeever, executive director of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, Levi Benkert, a partner in developer LJUrban, which specializes in inner city projects, and Barbara Hayes, director of the Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization, which seeks to recruit businesses to move to the Sacramento region.

Look for their pieces here starting Sunday and join the conversation.

July 24, 2008
New blog to debut Aug. 3
Join The Conversation here, on Aug. 3.

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