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January 22, 2010
Responding to comments on

For those of you who like to comment -- or just read the comments -- on, you'll find a new feature on the site that allows users to respond to specific comment posts.

By restating the original comment against a blue background, and then posting the response underneath, the "Reply to this comment" button helps the reader track the conversation on a story.

Be aware, however, that the 1,000-character limit remains in effect. Our system subtracts the number of characters in the original comment from the number you have available to you in your reply. The character limit was set by the vendor who supplied the commenting system and our Web hosting service.

One thousand characters is about 14 lines of text in our comment box, so most of you should have ample room for your replies. If you do run out of room, don't use the "Reply to this comment" button. Post your reply as a new comment.

How do you know if you've gone over the limit? Once you reach it, a warning pops up in red: "Your comment has been truncated to meet the character limit."

Some people have complained that they are not getting the warning and their comments are being truncated without notice. If this is happening to you, you need to clear the cache on your browser. Click here for a tutorial.

January 14, 2010
Join us in telling the story of The Great Recession

On Sunday, The Bee will print its first installment of an occasional series on Sacramento's prospects for an economic recovery from what is being called The Great Recession.

The series, called Road to Recovery, is novel in that The Bee is partnering with Capital Public Radio to produce it. The Bee will publish stories and photographs on the regional economy while CPR will air radio reports on how individuals are faring and job growth. For more information about the partnership, read Bee Editor Melanie Sill's recent column.

But, the partnership doesn't have to be limited to The Bee and CPR. It can include you.

On our Road to Recovery page, you can find a public blog where we invite you to share your story of how the recession has affected your life and how you've coped.

You can get to the blog directly here.

Bee Business editor Mary Lynne Vellinga, who is steering the project at The Bee, has authored the first posting, describing how her family responded when the recession claimed her husband's job.

Unlike reader comments that are posted instantaneously to stories on, submissions to this blog will appear only after they've been reviewed by Bee staffers.

We are hoping the public blog will add a third dimension to the series. With your help, it can become the common place where Sacramento-area residents go to share their stories of The Great Recession.

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