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August 19, 2009
Access Sacramento on sacbee

Access Sacramento now has its own page on

It's a small step for the nonprofit group and The Bee with a big goal. The small step: Provide more exposure to the public access cable TV and radio station's efforts to encourage citizen journalism. The big goal: work with groups like Access Sacramento to foster more community dialogue through sacbee, the region's local news site with the biggest audience.

Access Sacramento offers free training to any resident of Sacramento County on how to shoot and edit video, as well as provides a platform for the finished video. The group also offers free courses on how to start a blog or Web site. The group's stated mission: "Giving voice to the thoughts, dreams, opinions and community events not otherwise seen or heard on commercial and public radio, television and other popular forms of media."

The page on sacbee highlights content from the staff of Access Sacramento, including a blog, as well as content from citizens. The staff of Access Sacramento picks the content to highlight.  

Sacbee has a similar page called Helping Others that consists of Bee stories and content from nonprofit, volunteer groups. The page seeeks to inform readers on volunteer efforts and needs around the region.

In both cases, part of the intent of the pages is to give groups trying to make a positive difference in our communities exposure to a bigger audience than they currently get on their respective sites. The Bee would like to work with more such groups and create similar pages. If you belong to such a group and are interested in starting a similar page on sacbee, e-mail me at If you have some suggestions about the type of community events and information you would like to see on sacbee, please use the comment field below to leave suggestions that others can add to and agree with. 




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