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February 28, 2012
Bee photo contest for Leap Day: Add your picture

It's Leap Day on Wednesday, Feb. 29. It comes around only once every four years, so make it count! We want to reflect the entire community in a new feature: My Photo.

SCOOPY PHOTO LARGE.JPGScoopy says send a photo of yourself and tell us what you're doing, where you are and what time the photo was taken.

Then check the gallery to see how everyone else is spending their "extra" day.

We have eight $15 iTunes gift cards for the best photos. To be eligible you must submit your photo to the gallery by upload or email:

Upload your photo:

Email your photo:

For photos e-mailed to us: Subject line will become the title. Sender name will be listed as author. Body of the e-mail will appear as the photo caption. (Delete e-mail signature containing personal information.)

February 9, 2012
A new mobile multimedia player from The Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee launched a new Multimedia section, blog and photo player. We're very excited to now present the great photography from The Bee and around the world in a large format on desktop computers, tablets, and mobiles. Our focus in this area was driven by our strategy, analytics, and testing designed to increase daily unique visitors specifically on weekends. You will soon begin to see more QR codes in the paper linking print stories to their mobile gallery.


Help us make it better -

Developing for Android and other non-Apple devices is complicated by the wide range of hardware and software variations. Here's where we need your help. Please visit on your non-Apple smartphone with a web browser and see if the gallery loads and displays photos. There are many improvements in the roadmap for the player, but at this time, we're most interested in basic performance on the widest range of smartphones. If the player doesn't seem to be working correctly for you, please click the "?" in the upper right to see some tips and email your comments.

If you have an Apple phone, we of course want you to use the player, but we are more confident about the testing we completed on those devices. That said, if you do come across any issues please use the "?" for tips and to send us an email.

Mobile tips:

In the main interface:

  • Touch and slide to change photos
  • At the last photo of the gallery, slide to the left to open the gallery browser
  • Tap to hide/show the user interface
  • Tap "Galleries" to find other galleries to view
  • Tap the play icon to start/stop the gallery slide show
  • Tap the close icon to go to the mobile version of
  • If the caption text is too long to fit then drag it up and down to read more

In the gallery browser:

  • Slide to left/right/up/down (depending on your orientation) to view more galleries
  • Tap a gallery thumbnail to view that gallery
  • Tap the close icon to return to the current gallery

Known issues:

  • Occasionally when sliding between photos, the display stops in-between two photos. If this happens, just tap the screen to realign the photo.
  • On some devices, changing orientation will occasionally incorrectly fill the available screen area. If this happens, refresh the page to reload the viewer.


I also want to note that this is the first graduate from Bee Labs. A big thank you to all who helped us with our beta testing. More great things to come.

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