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September 25, 2009
Blog Back: 'Core hours,' court win, contract audit, clever parody

Blog backs review your thoughtful and provocative online comments, amplify points, answer questions, correct our mistakes and humbly accept your warranted criticism.

Sept. 9 Caltrans district director sets 'core business hours' for workers

Dear CALTRANS employees:

During lunch, you are expected to be on lunch. The core hours for lunch breaks are 11:30 to 1:00. Examples of proper lunch schedules could be: 11:30-12:30, 12:00-1:00, or even 12:00-12:30. These are examples of lunch schedule options which will enable staff to have flexibility and efficiency in eating lunch within the established lunch core hours. You should also eat a proper lunch. Examples of proper lunches include but are not limited to: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Top Ramen, and bologna sandwiches. These are examples of lunches, which should be eaten during core lunch hours while remaining flexible and efficient.

Tomorrow's memo will deal with break time.


Sept. 9 State releases Corrections audit

How about it Sac-Bee, care to do some real reporting, and tell us all how much the Federal Jundge (sic) Thelton Henderson and Federal Receiver J Clark Kelso has cost CDCR and the tax payers of this State?

We suggest you check out these stories: "Prison medical plan may far exceed need," "Receiver paid 7 more than state's prison director." Despite those stories, the cost of the federal receiver's plans need continual reporting. The request, despite its combative tone, is reasonable.

That doesn't invalidate the newsworthiness of this audit, however. The news was specifically focused on the state's audit of Corrections. Had the audit been about the receiver, we'd have written about it.

Click the link below to continue reading blog backs.

Sept. 10 Bill closes furlough impact on retirement loophole

Are we now saying furlough time goes against your retirement, I thought it was clear from the beginning furlough days would not effect ones retirement.

As the post mentions, this bill is specific to court employees who were furloughed by the Judicial Council, not by the governor. The language of that separate furlough policy from a different authority had a loophole that this legislation closes.

Sept. 10 Furloughs immediately canceled for 7,900 state workers

These quotes illustrate some of the varied opinions among self-identified state workers about the SEIU furlough lawsuit victory on behalf of State Fund employees.

I'm truly happy for all of the SCIF employees. Maybe they can buy the rest of us on furlough a beer- we need one.
This "all for one, one for all" crap by the union is just that - crap. SEIU spent a great deal of money to win the case for a minority percentage of state employees. Yet those of us who aren't benefiting from this legal suit are still paying hefty dues or fair share fees. Nice to know I helped out the folks at SCIF... I really don't think it's fair for some state employees to be exempt from the furloughs and others to have to take 3 - it really should be all or none. I work for a self-funded agency and I wouldn't want to get out of the furloughs if my co-workers down at Corrections can't also enjoy a full paycheck.
Congrats SCIF EEs! Yes, definitely have a beer for the rest of us. And hopefully those of us who don't work for a general fund agency, and for which none of the savings generated by our furlough helps the GF, will get a furlough reprive (sic) ! Then those who work for GF departments can come work at special funded agencies!!!
This should have happened for all state workers. If it's illegal why do the rest of the state workers have to wait. This is really crazy!!! SEIU 1000 should have fought for all state workers.

The State Fund decision was based on a section of the state Insurance Code that doesn't apply to every state employee. And as regular blog users will recall from this and other prior reports, the union didn't join in the first successful lawsuit to overturn furloughs at State Fund. Once CASE won its argument, however, Local 1000 decided to sue. Click here for that report.

Remember, this isn't the only furlough lawsuit that Local 1000 is pressing. And it's filed complaints with PERB.

Sept. 10 Audit: Department contracts riddled with flaws

I'm finding it noteworthy that this long after the story posted that none of those bloggers asserting private sector is cheaper than state workers on all kinds of other stories have been silent on this one where the SPB review of the data indicated that was NOT true for at least 17 of 23 contracts (this is the foundation for the union to bring the case to SPB in the first place since there is a prohibition from contracting when more expensive--something that at least these two (among many) agencies have been ignoring under this Governor with his priority on privatising (sic) everything possible.

We were surprised by the lack of comment on either side about this post.

Sept. 10 Read today's State Fund furlough ruling

I'm a state worker...I'm a state worker...watching furlough days go my my. I'm a state worker...I'm a state worker...I'll take a furlough now. Well, I wonder how you union's putting on a show...pretending to be fighting for me. But whenever I suspect...them there union execs....just raise my rates and go a-jauting. I'm a state worker...I'm a state worker...watching furlough days accrue...pooh pooh pooh....

We think the comment by "oldcodyjr" is a play on the 1968 song, "Girl Watcher," by The O'Kaysions. Click the You Tube link below and see if you agree.

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