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July 27, 2010
Blog back: Pot stirring, personal feelings, pleasure in pain

Blog backs review your thoughtful and provocative online comments, amplify points, answer questions, correct our mistakes and humbly accept your warranted criticism.

July 23 A finish line, of sorts, on state workers' paychecks

Once again Ortiz stirs the pot! The Bee has been repleat (sic) with stories about state workers getting their full paychecks for July and August (due to the Judge's order), but Ortiz feels compelled to tell us, yet again, that that's the case. Slow news day, Jon?

Hardly. We wrote the post after receiving calls and e-mails from about a dozen or so state workers who were concerned that something could happen in the last week of this month to whack their pay again. If anything, the post was aimed at calming people with those fears.

Significant moments are newsworthy simply because they occur. Independence Day happens every July 4 and everyone knows about it, but we still expect media to note the occasion. We thought the passing of the state payroll cutoff day was worth noting.

So we disagree with the criticism of the ironically-named "thebeehatesfreespeech," but we're pleased that person so closely reads The Bee and this blog.

I realize how sad, Jon, you must be, at us State Employees receiving our full pay, and how unhappy you are for GAS, because of the Superior Court ruling against his minimum wage attack, but, CHAING has stood up for the State Worker, and it will be a couple of months of full pay, before the court makes it's final decision. Again, I know how troubled you are over our misfortune, but heh, you can always take another vacation and brag about it too (sic) us....

We've never spent a single moment feeling bad for the governor in the two years we've covered the state worker beat. This blog doesn't cheerlead for the administration, so our personal feelings aren't an issue in our coverage.

July 23 Poll: How many deals will get done?

Mr. Ortiz, once again you have shown a complete lack of compassion for state employees. This online wager of sorts is as insensitive as can be. What next? Bookies in Las Vegas placing real wagers with you collecting a healthy comission? These are serious issues, including dehumanization of state workforce and livelihoods being destroyed, along with state economy. Is this game like interpretation absolutely necessary to sustain this column and general Bee circulation? Please, at least pretend to be a journalist instead of a mediocre grade shock jock consistently getting his kicks while following other people's misery. This is absolutely inexcusable behavior, even for a tabloid rag like The Bee. Please keep in mind that what goes around, comes around.

The poll was intended as nothing more than a sounding of what State Worker blog users think about the the state of labor agreements. The question, like many we use for polls, was suggested by a state employee.

Polls also allow folks to express their views while sparing them the rough-and-tumble blowback that sometimes goes with making comments on The State Worker. From that perspective, we think polls are quite considerate.

On October 14, The Sacramento Bee will temporarily remove commenting from While we design the upgrade, we encourage you to tell us what you like and don't like about commenting on and other websites. We've heard from hundreds of you already and we're listening. Please continue to add your thoughts and questions here. We also encourage you to write Letters to the Editor on this and other topics.

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