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March 22, 2009
Full Q&A: Should Sacramento legalize a tent city for the homeless?
Thumbnail image for ACW HOMELESS SKYLINE.JPGIn my column today, I examine proposals for a sanctioned tent city in Sacramento as an alternative for the homeless who are camping illegally near the American River.

The proposal has not only divided the community, it has divided homeless advocates. Two of these are lawyer Mark Merin and Robert Tobin, president of Cottage Housing.

On the jump are short biographies of Merin and Tobin and a full, unedited transcript of an online dialogue I conducted with them in recent weeks.
March 2, 2009
Audio: Jesse Jackson on Obama and knocking down walls
RP JESSE JACKSKON MAYOR.JPGThe Rev. Jesse Jackson stopped by the Sacramento Bee's editorial board today, where he touted the potential for volunteerism, the message of the day for Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. I was more interested in Jackson's take on President Barack Obama and how Jackson felt while hearing Obama's speech to Congress last week.

In his lyrical, rambling, entertaining way, Jackson expounded on the subject, recounting the history of the civil rights movement and adding that Obama's election "was like the last lap of a 60 year race."

"Strong runner, smart runner, but we have gone from walls to bridges....The demolition crew paid a big price knocking down walls."

Here where Jackson talks about the substance of Obama's speech:

Here's where he talks about his emotions of recent weeks.

Here's he sums up what it was like to be in Grant Park in Chicago, watching Obama's victory speech on election night.

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