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February 28, 2012
Fish and Game Commission head says defiantly he won't resign

ZUMA_Fish And Game Chief.JPGDan Richards' critics want him ousted from the California Fish and Game Commission for killing a mountain lion in Idaho, where such hunting is legal. Those critics include Assemblyman Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, and at least 39 other members of the Assembly.

But in a letter to Hueso today, Richards was adamant in refusing to step down. (Go here for Richards-Letter.pdf)

I will continue to hunt and fish wherever I please, as I have always done, ethically, licensed and proudly associating with true conservationists who daily fund, enjoy and enhance our bountiful resources while not trying to limit others enjoyment of same.There is ZERO chance I would consider resigning my position as President of the California Fish and Game Commission and it is my sincere hope that you and your colleagues reassess your request and instead work positively with our Commission...

Richards' letter was cc'ed to Gov. Jerry Brown and Natural Resources Secretary John Laird, which suggests he may be nervous about keeping his post. Groups that support California's ban on mountain lion hunting are gunning for -- ooops, strike that, wrong term -- seeking his removal.

Jennifer Fearing of the Humane Society didn't think much of Richards's letter and its defiant tone. "The bad judgment train just keeps on rolling," she tweeted.

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February 6, 2012
What Alice Waters eats for breakfast, and why

Food Slow Food Nation.jpgLast week, I had the opportunity to interview Alice Waters for my Sunday column on plans by the famous Chez Panisse chef to bring the Edible Schoolyard Project to Sacramento.

At the end of the interview, I couldn't resist asking her what she had for breakfast that morning. Over the years, it has become a standing joke among Waters and her staff that journalists always ask that question, and so I did.

Her answer?

"There is a little whole wheat flat bread I make. I put it on the fire and spread it with hummus. And I have it with some Chinese tea."

Wait, I said, isn't that what you always have for breakfast?

"Well, you would think I would get tired of it, but I don't," she replied. "I always eat whole grains now because I had a high cholesterol level. Drinking the tea and eating the grains changed the whole thing in a year. So now I am a born again health food nut. But the good news is, it tastes really fantastic."

So there you have it. The chef who brought all kinds of rich French cookery to Northern California is now on a health kick.

Along with Paula Deen.

2008 photo of Alice Waters by Paul Sakuma / AP

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