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February 28, 2013
Honey Boo Boo uses Facebook to sell Girl Scout cookies

"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," star Alana Thompson is using her fame and Facebook page to sell Girl Scout cookies. An ad posted on Thompson's page says that if you buy from her, you'll get an autographed box, with an additional bonus of an autographed picture of the entire Thompson family. Buzz 60 has the details.

February 28, 2013
Little girl writes adorable letter to Yosemite park ranger

A young girl named Evie wrote a letter to a Yosemite National Park ranger returning two sticks she accidentally took from the park. The junior park ranger requested that they be put back in nature. The letter and his response are going viral. Buzz 60 has the story.

February 28, 2013
Pope Benedict XVI's final day heading the world's Catholics

Pope Benedict XVI bids farewell to followers on the day of his retirement, marking a rare passage in the Catholic church.

February 27, 2013
Harry Styles goes down on stage

A sneaker thrown by a fan catches the One Direction singer in the groin, and Harry ends up in the fetal position.

February 27, 2013
Tanning mom feels vindicated, moving to Great Britain

The latest on Patricia Krentcil of Nutley, New Jersey.

February 27, 2013
Did this woman create the Harlem Shake?

Checking out the origins of the viral dance craze.

February 27, 2013
Tokyo high-rise hotel shrinks in new-style urban demolition

Watch it disappear with little noise and particle pollution. A Japanese skyscraper is being demolished floor by floor instead of being blown up with explosives or smashed up with a wrecking ball

February 26, 2013
Sea monster caught in New Jersey waters

Look what was pulled out of the ocean in the Northeast.

February 26, 2013
Jennifer Aniston... the diva?

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly been acting like a diva on set of her latest movie.

February 26, 2013
Two men, two stories: One flies into rage after missing plane; other locks himself out of hotel room while naked

A Chinese government official who missed his flight took his frustrations out on the boarding desk -- and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Naked man locks himself out of hotel room

February 26, 2013
Update: 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 16 cast revealed

The cast for Season 16 of "Dancing with the Stars" is set. The group consists of athletes like Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones, figure skater Dorothy Hamill, boxer Victor Ortiz and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, reality TV stars, singers like Kellie Pickler and Wynonna Judd and comedians like D.L. Hughley and Andy Dick. Buzz 60 has some early favorites.

February 23, 2013
Cheerleader flips . . . shoots . . . and scores - from half court

Ashlee Arnau, a cheerleader at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Miss., made an incredible front-flip half-court shot Thursday night at halftime of the school's men's basketball game.

February 22, 2013
Danica Patrick talks about being in the NASCAR spotlight

She has the pole position for Sunday's Daytona 500 along with a fierce sports spotlight trained on her, but Danica Patrick seems to be remaining calm despite all the clamor.

February 22, 2013
Fox40: Debate, decision, reaction from elementary school closings

Here is a Fox40 report and video from the decision by Sacramento school trustees to close seven elementary schools, while keeping three others open.

February 22, 2013
Judge grants Pistorius bail in girlfriend's killing

Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius was granted bail by a South African judge today. The judge says Pistorius, who participated in the Olympic 400-meters on two artificial legs, is not a flight risk.

February 21, 2013
Exclusive: Inside Robin Roberts' first day back on 'Good Morning, America'

Entertainment Tonight goes inside Robin Roberts' emotional first day back to work at 'GMA.'

February 21, 2013
Teen plummets 45 feet from ski lift

A teenager was seen hanging onto a ski-lift chair before plummeting more than 45 feet. He's reportedly OK.

February 21, 2013
Teens suspended for Harlem Shake video

It's the latest Internet sensation. But here's when the Harlem Shake goes too far. A group of local teens have been suspended for shooting a Harlem Shake video in a classroom.

Here's some parent and student reaction to the suspension.

February 20, 2013
Tech report: NASA launches flying observatory Sofia

You've heard of the Hubble Telescope, but what about Sofia? Rich Demuro takes a test flight on NASA's new flying observatory.

February 20, 2013
Bikini-clad Nicki Minaj shows off in poolside pics

Nicki Minaj in some racy poolside snaps.

February 20, 2013
Raw: Pistorius arrives in court for second day of bail hearing

Olympian and double-amputee Oscar Pistorius appeared in court on Wednesday, for day two of his bail hearing. Pistorius is charged with premeditated murder for the Valentine's Day shooting death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp with a 9 mm pistol.

Read the related story here.
February 20, 2013
Tiger Woods talks about playing golf with the president

Tiger Woods spoke about Sunday's golf outing with President Barack Obama as he gets set to compete in this week's Match Play Championship in Tucson, Arizona. "Playing with Mr. President was pretty cool," he said. Here's more:

February 19, 2013
Nine golfers line up and putt nine balls into one hole

Check out this feat where students at Campbell University managed to make nine putts at the same time.

February 19, 2013
Chris Brown catches Rihanna messaging Drake; and they reportedly split again

Rihanna shares a picture of herself chilling out poolside as it's been reported that she and Chris Brown have split again after he caught her messaging Drake.

February 19, 2013
Stoned girl gets behind wheel and becomes true believer of not getting high and driving

SeattleInsider brings you dash cam video of a 27 year-old woman driving after smoking increasing amounts of pot, eventually up to 1.4 grams.

Read: California bill targets drug users behind the wheel

February 18, 2013
Stockton one of the least literate cities in U.S.

A few cities in California made the list for most illiterate in the nation. Stockton was one of those cities. Fox40's Tia Ewing reports on more bad news for our neighbor to the south.

February 16, 2013
Rescuers free dolphin tangled in fishing line

A dolphin struggling to get loose from fishing line off the coast of San Diego was freed on Friday thanks to the hour-long efforts of a team of rescuers.

February 15, 2013
First person: On board carnival triumph

Passengers are telling horror stories about their experiences on board the Carnival Triumph cruise ship. At the same time, some are giving credit to the crew for putting passengers first and keeping a bad situation from getting worse.

February 15, 2013
Video of sensational Russian meteor that injured hundreds

YouTube users captured large meteor in morning sky.

AP provided this raw footage of a sharp explosion and the meteor trail.

And here's a YouTube video of the meteor:

Read the related story here.

February 14, 2013
What did you do today? Guy solves Rubik's Cube while juggling it

What did you do today? Guy solves Rubik's Cube while juggling it

February 14, 2013
Dramatic: Skier avoids avalanche

One skier pulls a daring move to get away during a run at the Swatch Skier's Cup in Switzerland. One commenter calls it fake. Check it out.

February 14, 2013
Top 5 surprise retirements in the sports world takes a look at the top five surprise retirements from around the sports world.

February 14, 2013
The 8 Debate: Most unusual swimsuits in SI history

SI Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen breaks down the 8 most unusual swimsuits in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit history.

February 14, 2013
Asteroid half the size of a football field nears Earth

An asteroid half the size of a football field is nearing Earth. CBS News contributor Michio Kaku, of the City University of New York, speaks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about the asteroid.

February 13, 2013
Oscar nominees before they were famous

ET looks back at this year's Oscar nominees before they became famous.

February 12, 2013
Watch Mike Bibby ejected from son's game

From ABC Channel 15 in Phoenix: Former Sacramento Kings guard Mike Bibby was ejected and escorted by police out of the gym as Phoenix Shadow Mountain boys basketball team, whose point guard is Bibby's son, snapped a 24-game winning streak by Sierra Linda on Friday. Here's video of the elder Bibby being kicked out.

Read more here.

February 12, 2013
Revisit the Grammys: Best & worst dressed; recap; and backstage highlights

The Grammys gest & worst dressed

February 12, 2013
First look: 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue

For the 2013 Swimsuit issue, Sports Illustrated traveled to all 7 continents, including Kate Upton in Antarctica. Magazine is on sale today.

Kate Upton unveils her latest Sports Illustrated cover on the front of the David Letterman studios in New York as one of her shots of herself decorated in body paint for the new issue is revealed.

See pictures of Kate Upton here.

Read the story about the cover model here.

February 9, 2013
Hey, guys: Here's help picking the right lingerie

Here's an expert who says that though men might like purchasing lingerie for their sweeties, they don't always know quite how to approach it. Surprise! This lady has some suggestions.

February 9, 2013
Selena Gomez invites excited fans into her limo

Singer Selena Gomez was making her get-away from the airport when she turned her beneficence on some fans, inviting them into her limousine - against the wishes of security personnel - and taking them for a spin.

February 8, 2013
Leonardo DiCaprio's mystery balcony girl revealed

Leonardo DiCaprio's been spotted hanging out in Miami with a mystery blonde and it's now been revealed that she is apparently Miss Universe Kosovo 2011 Aferdita Dreshaj.

February 8, 2013
Creative Valentine's gifts

Style expert Alison Deyette with very creative and personal gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

February 8, 2013
Jack Ohman discusses working at the Sacramento Bee, draws

Paul Robins and Bethany Crouch talk to Sacramento Bee Cartoonist Jack Ohman about his work.

Jack Ohman takes a crack at drawing Paul, Bethany, and Darren.

February 8, 2013
Justin Bieber to host and perform at SNL - no holds barred

Justin Bieber will host and perform at Saturday Night Live, and it's reported that his team is letting SNL's producers refrain from pulling any punches.

February 7, 2013
Fresno hitchhiker armed with hatchet stops crazed man attacking bystanders

The suspect, identified as Jett McBride, is being charged with attempted murder, battery and assault with a deadly weapon. McBride reportedly stands over six feet tall, and weighs over 300 pounds. And nobody describes the incident like hitchhiker Kai.

Here's the Fresno Bee story.

February 7, 2013
Police chase ends in fireball on L.A. freeway

A police pursuit of a suspected drunk driver ended in a fiery crash on the 10 Freeway.

February 7, 2013
David Stern: Group applies to move Sacramento Kings to Seattle

Video from Q13 FOX Sports:

February 6, 2013
How the FBI ended Ala. bunker hostage situation

The FBI ended the standoff with Jimmy Lee Dykes, who was holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. As Mark Strassmann reports, agents exploited a supply delivery routine they developed over a week of negotiations.

Read a related story here.

February 6, 2013
Is she the next Kate Upton?

Model Nina Agdal, the favourite to cover Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue, appears in a new mouth-watering ad for Carl's Jr.

She talks about her Super Bowl commercial for Carl's Jr. and how it made her grandmother proud.

February 6, 2013
Raw: Giggly teen curses at judge, flips bird, gets 30 days in jail

A woman facing a drug possession charge was sentenced to 30 days in jail for flipping the bird to a Miami-Dade judge. Penelope Soto, 18, appeared in court on video after her arrest for possession of Xanax. In front of Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat on Monday, she was asked about her assets. Soto appeared as if the hearing was a big joke and laughed off the judge's questions, blurted out "Adios" and gave him the finger.

Read the story: Teen gets 30 days in jail for giving the finger to judge

February 5, 2013
The rejected SodaStream ad you didn't see during Super Bowl

This SodaStream Super Bowl ad was reportedly rejected by CBS, but has gained some viewership online. CBS sidelined the ad for taking shots at soda giants Pepsi and Coke, according to the New York Daily News.

February 5, 2013
'Computer Nerd' Jesse Heiman kiss and tells

Many disliked the commercial but Jesse Heiman, who plays the computer nerd that made out with Bar Refaeli in a Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial, has spoken out about what it was like to suck face with the supermodel.

February 4, 2013
Jennifer Love Hewitt's lingerie music video

Entertainment Tonight got a sneak peek at Jennifer Love Hewitt's sexy new music video for her Lifetime series "The Client List."

February 4, 2013
Super Bowl ads

February 1, 2013
Steven Tyler auditions on 'Idol' in drag

The former "American Idol" judge dresses as a woman and pranks the panel.

February 1, 2013
Raw: Beyonce sings National Anthem - live and no lip-sync

Beyonce opened her press conference in New Orleans with a live rendition of the national anthem. The singer, who's performing at the Super Bowl, admitted that she did lip sync on Inauguration Day. But, oh my, she nailed it this time.

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